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Cast Bronze Tyrannosaurus Rex - Heirloom Quality Dinosaur Skeleton 1/30 scale (16" in length)

$ 499.00 $ 750.00


Just released! Special introductory pricing! Limited to TEN! I am making this available as a Pre-order. Estimated delivery is 6-8 weeks.

Our new release life reconstruction is the most loved and feared of all dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex in an exciting and dynamic pose. The skeleton is accurately and scientifically reconstructed enhancing its wonderful sense of movement. Unmatched in its aesthetic appeal this model ranks high as a collectible with great investment potential.

The skeleton was modeled bone-by-bone with real fossil reference from the The Museum at Black Hills Institute, South Dakota. Hundreds of hours went into research and modeling along with several critical examinations by museum paleontologists all in an effort to bring the visual energy of the T-Rex to life.

Although amazingly delicate in appearance, being of solid bronze the sculpture is structurally robust. Our 1/30 scale reconstruction features a magnetic mandible so you can pose the sculpture with the mouth either open or closed. Beautifully mounted on a natural stone and walnut base, all support structure is built into the model. This allows the eye to follow the 'in-motion' appearance of this impressive fossil skeleton replica. At a length of 16" from nose to tail this model is beautifully detailed and truly a museum exhibit in miniature.

You will also receive an official COA (Certificate of Authentication) signed and numbered by the artist. Each model also has a signed and numbered placard beneath the base.

Size: 16" x 8" x 9"
Weight:3 lbs